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Welcome to the Cryptography & Telecommunication Laboratory

Director: Prof. Kurt Rohloff Location: GITC 4111
Associate Director: Dr. Yuriy Polyakov

Not that many years ago, most of the people would have associated the topic of cryptography with spy novels rather than with computer and security of communications. Not any more. While this technology is still crucial for national defense and protection of sensitive government information, it is equally important today for many corporations and ordinary people.

"...the security of information systems and networks (is) the major security challenge of this decade and possibly the next century..."- Joint Security Commission, NSA

The role of the Cryptography & Telecommunication laboratory at the Department of Computer Science, College of Computing Sciences, NJIT is to provide the means for the faculty lab members & their students to conduct advanced research & experiments in cryptography, computer security and telecommunications networks.
Many of the students involved in the research activities are enrolled in the Master's  & PhD in Computer Science programs but also some of our undergraduate students are more and more involved in rather complex research topics related to their classes and/or senior projects.
Thank you for visiting our lab web site, please feel free to explore it and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.